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Oct. 28, 2012:
CONET 2013 Web site was launched.

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Workshop Program

The workshop will take place on April, 8th

1.00-3.00 (Session Chair: Thiemo Voigt)

Workshop Introduction

Session 1

Roberta Daidone, Gianluca Dini and Marco Tiloca. STaR: a Reconfigurable and Transparent middleware for WSNs security

Stephan Wagner, Hugues Smeets, Marcus Handte, Ngewi Fet, Chia-Yen Shih and Pedro Jose Marron. Automated Evaluation of RF-based Indoor Localization Systems

Rajiv Ramdhany and Geoff Coulson. Towards the Coexistence of Divergent Applications on Smart City Sensing Infrastructure

Anna Florea, Ahmed Farahat, Corina Postelnicu, Jose L. Martinez Lastra and Francisco J. Azcondo Sánchez. Smart Lighting in Multipurpose Outdoor Environments: Energy Efficient Solution using Network of Cooperating Objects.

3.30-6.00 (Session Chair: Luca Mottola)

Session 2

Joao Loureiro, Nuno Pereira, Pedro Santos and Eduardo Tovar. A Sensing Platform for High Visibility of the Datacenter

Session on the "makeSense - Easy Programming of Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks" project

Workshop Conclusion

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