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Apr. 12, 2013:Special Session on the makeSense project

Oct. 28, 2012:
CONET 2013 Web site was launched.

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There are three important concepts that have gained relevance over the past years. First, the concept of classic embedded systems where the focus is on the control of physical processes (machinery, automobiles, planes, etc.). Second, the notion of pervasive computing (or ubiquitous computing) which foresees everyday objects having some form of computation capacity and, in most cases, sensing and communication facilities. Third, wireless sensor networks where small computing devices are able to sense their environment and cooperate in order to achieve a common goal. We refer to the unified vision of these three systems as networks of Cooperating Objects (COs).

This new vision is more powerful and has a larger scope than each of the individual system concepts out of which it evolved. The vision of Cooperating Objects is, therefore, quite new and needs to be understood in more detail and probably extended with inputs from the relevant individual communities that compose it. Building on the success of the previous CONET workshops, CONET/UBICITEC 2013 aims at providing a forum to discuss the similarities, complementariness and advances of the areas mentioned above in order to integrate them into single coherent systems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Resource management of COs
- Quality-of-Service in networks of COs
- Hardware platforms for COs
- Mobile and distributed sensing
- Hybrid cooperation of static and mobile nodes
- Communication and control of mobile COs
- Distributed control and estimation over networks
- Decentralized algorithms for control over wireless sensor networks
- Decentralized, distributed, and cooperative optimization
- Applications of control of COs
- Real-time aspects of COs
- System software for COs
- Communication support for COs
- Real-world deployments of COs
- Applications of COs to body area networks
- COs in Complex Systems
- Security and Privacy in COs
- Enterprise Integration of COs
- Application of wireless sensor networks on Pervasive computing
- Closed-loop applications of pervasive computing
- IoT Technologies for Smart Cities


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